We offer Online Store "Product Catalogs" in a Shopping Cart format for Businesses and Individuals that do not have Ecommerce websites. In this format shoppers can "reserve" items online, pick them up and pay locally at an agreed location with Seller.  We also provide information about, and links to, Businesses that do have Ecommerce websites.  Please click on Contact US to request more information and specific quotes.

If you belong to one or more Facebook selling groups to sell your unwanted items, then you know how it has been become time consuming to post your item, bump it if not sold in the prescribed time limit set by group administrators, and follow other admin rules that differ on the various group selling pages that you post items.  If you do not follow those rules your items may be deleted without your knowledge or you may be deleted from the group without any notice.

If you have multiple items of one category to sell, you can make a photo album and give a description and price of each.  This type post is often confusing to a buyer as to which item is which to ask questions about or to make an offer to purchase.  If you sell one or more of the items of the post, you must delete the sold item(s) and redo the album and bump or repost the rest.

If you belong to more than one Facebook selling group pages, which most sellers do now, Facebook has made it easier to post to multiple groups with a few clicks.  Now you must make the above adjustments to more than one selling group.

New Facebook selling groups are popping up every day.  Membership to these groups is growing by leaps and bounds.  So someone seeing your posts is getting harder and harder

Online Garage Sale Stores

Would it not be nice to “anchor” all your items for sale in one location on the Internet where you could link some of your Facebook buyers, or even those folks that “liked” your post, to other items you have for sale?

Think about having your own “Online Store” on this website as the “destination” for all the items that you are trying to sell on Facebook, Craigslist, E-bay and other Internet selling sites.  You can link potential buyers to your online store so they can see ALL of your items for sell.  Soon buyers will come to your online store without searching for your postings on Facebook to see what new items you have for sale or if you have sold an item that they were interested in but never made an offer on Facebook. 

And, the good part, you don’t have two pages of rules that some group administrators require.  For example, you don’t have to bump a post to get it back to the top of the group page, you don’t have to delete a post after 30 days, and you can post your business ads, garage sale events, pets for sale, guns for sale, etc.  Obviously, you cannot post something that is against the law.


We will do the following:

  • Set up your Online Shopping Store.
  • Post descriptions and photos on as many items as you request.
  • Items will remain in your online store until you tell us they have sold.  You can also mark any item down in price.  We wil notifiy you of any interest you have from potential buyers or link them to your Facebook page, email address, or phone number as you request.

Contact US today if you are interested in having your own Online Garage Sale Store.  For an example of an Online Garage Sale Store, Click Here.

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We take most major credit cards.

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