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Grand Prairie, TX - Loven' Pet Sittin' began as daycare for a neighbor's two large dogs that lived in a small apartment and required more exercise while their owner was at work.
During those early days, a growing need for doggie daycare was recognized but, no one had any idea it would become the all-consuming business it is today.
As it turned out, our location was ideal and as word spread the business evolved to include overnight boarding as well as daycare for dogs.  During the course of this evolution, steps were taken to convert the residential property to a more pet-friendly environment.
Over time, the business consumed more and more of the house and yard.  Later a horse paddock and barn were added and, for a time, horses were boarded.
The flooring of the house was removed to the slab foundation and the concrete stained for a more attractive  appearance.
Simultaneously the acre and a third surrounding the house was fenced and cross-fenced creating dog runs and exercise areas of varying sizes.  The fencing was constructed with chain link and chain link was also used to fortify the existing ornamental iron fencing.  Chain link was necessary to restrict small dogs from squeezing through the ornamental iron.
Eventually, even the pool was maintained for the enjoyment of our water-sporting canine guests completing the metamorphosis and dedication of the entire property to a canine daycare and overnight boarding facility.
Today, Loven' Pet Sittin' is staffed 24/7 for your round-the-clock convenience.  Our on-site personnel take care of our guests with an abiding love and appreciation for our animal friends.
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