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West/Hurtt Funeral Home

DeSoto, TX - West / Hurtt Funeral Home is an Independent, Family-owned and Family-operated business.  We are committed to serve the families of our community with the finest, most professional and caring service available; whether you choose Traditional types of services, a Celebration of Life or a Cremation service.

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Peace.Love.& Eatz Smoothie Bar

DeSoto, TX - Hi, my name is James McGee, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Peace.Love.& Eatz Smoothie Bar. Many people ask why opened a vegan restaurant (though I like to refer to it as plant-based) and I figured I'd answer that here.

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Choose Guardian for Your New Construction Roofing Projects

Choose Guardian Exteriors for your next new construction roofing project with confidence.  Our extensive knowledge and experience as well as our commitment to client satisfaction serve as key factors in why we stand out above our competition.  At Guardian Exteriors we provide each customer with a quality product at a reasonable price and service that will exceed your expectations.

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Moni's Pasta and Pizza

Moni's is a family style restaurant offering exceptional value to its guests through the many dishes of Southern Italian cuisine. Bringing a little East Coast style to the South, Moni's Pasta and Pizza is more than just a place to eat, but a dining experience. Our amazing food, the option to BYOB and superior customer service makes dining at Moni's unforgettable.

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Franchise Real Estate Group

Franchise Real Estate Group (FREG) offers a diverse array of real estate brokerage services. Their real estate professionals can navigate through the most complex transactions with hard work and dedication.  In addition, they have senior leaders who are approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission to instruct real estate preliminary license and continuing education classes. They believe in building relationships across many medians to bridge the gap in real estate.

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