We offer Online Store "Product Catalogs" in a Shopping Cart format for Businesses and Individuals that do not have Ecommerce websites. In this format shoppers can "reserve" items online, pick them up and pay locally at an agreed location with Seller.  We also provide information about, and links to, Businesses that do have Ecommerce websites.  Please click on Contact US to request more information and specific quotes.

Steven's Stuff

Steven's Stuff

Steven presents garage sale items, both new and used, that he has elected to post online for shoppers to select and pick up/pay at his location in Glenn Height, TX 75154. 

If shoppers have questions concerning an item, wish to purchase, or want to make an offer other than the posted price, please click on the “Contact This Advertiser” button above the item description and send him your message.  He will reply to all messages.  Your email address will be kept confidential.

Steven has chosen to have an ongoing store to post new items from time to time rather then have a one time Online Garage Sale Event.  That is not to say he may elect on have a "Big Sale" from time to time to clear out some items.

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